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14 Nov 2022

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Quality, compassionate care - from our family to yours. 

Angela Coffman, APRN is now seeing patients at the medical arts building in Beaver Dam, KY!

Coffman Family Care & Wellness is committed to bringing quality healthcare to our community by treating the whole person - not just focusing on the lab numbers.  

Summary of information on services offered:

Primary Care We are dedicated to treating our patients by providing quality, compassionate care. We understand that there are complex health concerns, and we will work with our patients to treat these concerns, without judgment. Our goal is to help you achieve optimal health and to be accessible to our patients. We will accept patients ages 12 years and older for primary care needs.

Acute Visits We understand that it is often difficult to see your primary care provider when you are sick. Our office will strive to meet your needs here instead of sending you to urgent care for treatment. This is important for the continuity of your care; we want to know when you are sick! We will offer acute visits for ages 6 months and older.

Telemedicine We offer telehealth visits for your convenience! Whether you are unable to make it into the office due to inclement weather, lack of transportation, or other reasons, we will be able to see you! Note: there are certain medications that will require an in-office visit before they can be prescribed.




For more information, contact Coffman Family Care & Wellness at (270) 775-6060 or stop by the office to discuss options. Located at 1221 N Main Street Beaver Dam, KY 42320. 

1221 North Main Street, Beaver Dam, KY 42320, US