Ohio County, KY Has a Strong Healthcare System

The healthcare providers of Ohio County, Kentucky extend innovative, consistent, and precise care to each patient. Each healthcare provider has vast knowledge in specialized areas, treating patients of all ages. The valuable teams of doctors, nurse practitioners, and others deeply care for the health of Ohio County residents. 

Ohio County healthcare providers are readily available to meet patients’ individual needs. Ohio County Healthcare specializes in a wide span of medical areas, including heart care, allergies, hospice, and orthopedic and sports medicine. The Emergency Department offers care twenty-four hours a day, with a highly trained and certified staff. Advanced training includes Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Trauma NurseCore Curriculum, and Pediatric Advanced Life Support. 

Ohio County healthcare also has an affiliation with Norton Healthcare. The partnership means more specialty care to residents that is convenient and close to home for patients.

Whether your medical needs require quick care with a stop into the clinic, or a more extensive visit to discuss detailed choices, the great healthcare systems of Ohio County, KY provide life-changing experiences, with a goal of growing a healthy community.

Ohio County Healthcare

1211 Old Main Street
Hartford, KY 42347
(270) 298-7411

Ohio County Family Care

20 McMurtry Avenue
Hartford, KY 42347
(270) 504-1300

Ohio County Quick Care

20 McMurtry Avenue
Hartford, KY 42347
(270) 504-1300

Ohio County Family Care-Beaver Dam

1313 North Main Street
Beaver Dam, KY 4232
(270) 274-9928

Fordsville Area Medical Clinic

44 West Main Stree
Fordsville, KY 42343
(270) 276-9953

Butler County Family Care

210 North Main Street
Morgantown, KY 42261
(270) 526-3137

Ohio County Specialty Care

1215 North Main Street
Hartford, KY 42347
(270) 730-5344

Ohio County Pain Care

1215 Old Main Street
Hartford, KY 42347
(270) 298-5445

Fast Paced Health Urgent Care

1430 North Main Street
Beaver Dam, KY 42320
(270) 775-4483

The McLean Clinic

215 Hill Street
Livermore, KY 42352
(270) 278-2531

Professional Care Health & Rehab

114 E McMurtry Ave
Hartford, KY 42347
(270) 298-7437

Emergency Services

1211 Old Main Street
Hartford, KY 42347
(270) 298-7411

Main Street Family Medicine

10015 Main St
Whitesville, KY 42378
(270) 233-1884

KORT Physical Therapy

10015 Main S
Whitesville, KY 42378
(270) 233-8007