Kentucky Association Reimagines Economic Development Focusing On Kentucky's Growth Potential

24 May 2021


My parents scrapped, worked hard, and continually tried to provide a better life for our family. Mom saved change in our rented kitchen pantry. Dad was a former miner forced to find new employment, and I remember mom giving him a five dollar bill and a bag of canned goods and saying “Goodbye” as he left to go to Morehead State University for a week at a time to help build a better life for our family. Together, my parents supported and provided everything I ever needed. My childhood taught me that prosperity is dependent upon strategic, long-term planning and leveraging skills relative to opportunity. Kentucky has incredible intrinsic attributes like our workforce and geography, and my job is to leverage and broadcast those to the world and to also engineer, via a holistic service portfolio, programs and policies to make Kentucky an ever increasing globally competitive business destination.          

Matt Tackett, President & CEO of the Kentucky Association of Economic Development (KAED), knows building communities and families requires steadfast economic development strategies. Although Tackett has less than 12 months at the helm of KAED, his vision to reimagine the Association as a leading force pushing economic growth in Kentucky is yielding results. And that is good for Kentuckians.

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