Exploring Kentucky: Go Glamping!

7 Apr 2021


I’ve always envied people who grew up in camping families. As mine was not one of those, my memories of “roughing it” include encountering a copperhead at a Girl Scout campout, dabbing clear nail polish on 65 chigger bites after a college outdoor overnight, and shivering through an icy shower in a waterfall during a December stay in Red River Gorge in my early 20s with a knowledgeable-about-the-outdoors boyfriend. But after that frigid adventure, I knew I’d never rough it again.

These days, you don’t have to endure the tough parts of sleeping outside under the stars any more. You can glamp. Think upscale, boutique camping…glamorous camping, i.e. glamping. Reveling in an outdoor experience without the hassles, where luxury and simplicity morph to provide you, the glamper, with a top-class vacation from which you may even return rested.

According to Ruben Martinez, co-founder of the website Glamping Hub (glampinghub.com), the typical folks that seek out his site are those who love the outdoors, “but they just don’t like the fact that they have to put up their own tent, or smell like a campfire, or eat hot dogs.” Check, check and check!

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