Graduate Spotlight: Sarah Chinn

Graduate Spotlight: Sarah Chinn Main Photo

16 Sep 2020

Digital Works

Just a few months ago, Sarah Chinn found herself unemployed and looking for a new remote work opportunity. But finding jobs during COVID-19 can be challenging. After about five months of unemployment, Chinn stumbled upon the Digital Works Facebook page — and the rest is history.

Chinn is from Beaver Dam, Kentucky, and was among the first of many to participate in the new virtual Digital Works class in Ohio County. The Ohio County Economic Development Alliance(OCEDA) has partnered with Digital Works to present the people of Ohio County with technology training for online telework jobs.

Chinn was drawn to Digital Works because she was interested in trying a work-from-home job. The class included communication skills instruction, customer-centered training, typing and transcription practice, mock sales sessions, and résumé and interview assistance.

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